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Christian W. Jakob

company builder and expert-generalist with deep passion for smart data and technology.

company builder and expert-generalist
with deep passion for smart data and technology.


Christian is building companies and helping cross-industry German mittelstand to DAX companies to become more efficient, compliant and effective by smart data and automation.

He is a partner and founding member of ten., the leading legal tech and reg tech company builder, expert-generalist at neuheit., an innovation boutique, and co-founder of Bardeen IO, a SOTA software building company. Previously, he was Director of Investment at the FiZ Frankfurt Biotechnology Innovation Center and he co-established Frankfurt Forward, an 1:1 matchmaking initiative connecting established industry players with young startups. He is currently based in Frankfurt am Main.

He is always looking for the underlying patterns in one industry and applies this knowledge to other markets. To date, Christian has privately invested in companies taking a data-driven approach to redefining the future of legal and regulatory processes, startup scouting and venture valuation, social media ads and targeting, and fraud detection for SMEs. He sits in a number of supervisory and advisory boards and think tanks. Christian believes that Europe is the ideal place for Industrial Tech and Food Tech revolution.

Since the early 90ies and C64, Christian has been fond of technology and coding. Today, he masters different programming languages, he is a huge fan of MOOCs and supporter of open data to increase transparency and innovation. He attended University of Bayreuth and Hagen, UNIGE and University College London, focusing on taxation, corporate and company law, and asset management. He has also received certificates from Harvard University and Manchester Business School.

Christian co-hosts the Venture Capital Forum that brings together the foremost investors, founders, and media people. He is one of the Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum, representing the Frankfurt Hub, and Mentor of Startupbootcamp Digital Health in Berlin.

companies & projects

dramatically increase efficiency

ten. is Germany‘s leading company builder for the legal and regulated industries, focusing on technology-driven B2B businesses.
Design, test, pivot, sell, little finches. darwin_son is a small company under the radar supporting high growth startups with technology and sales. Aiming evolution and revolution.
neuheit, a German innovation boutique, offers medium-sized to large companies tools and solutions for existing and new businesses to analyze and digitize processes, by smart data.
BardeenIO is a technology company connecting IT experts with successful corporates, bridging the gap between talented research academia and the german mittelstand and building highly scalable technology solutions.
Global Shapers Frankfurt
The Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, is a network of hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities.
Lintum is a cloud-based RFP and bidding platform, designed specifically for in-house counsel, to significantly reduce external legal spend and increase transparency and compliance.
Venture Capital Forum
The VCF Venture Capital Forum is a unique platform for the startup ecosystem and inventor of the first Reverse Elevator Pitch, where European VCs present first-hand insights and valuable experiences to promising startups.
Sommermensch is a creative and inspiring food blog with easy to use cooking and baking recipes for #newgenerationwomen with award-winning cuisine ambitions.
Startup Bootcamp
Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin is the leading accelerator of startups supporting and scaling companies innovating and disrupting the health industry.
TAB Taunusstrasse Arts & Bites is an initiative of creative minds of the Bahnhoftsviertel in Frankfurt am Main, inviting people to experience and rediscover the area around the main station, from different perspectives, by art.


Law is the delayed
reflection of a society.
»Ideen von Kleinen für
das Geschäft von Großen«
Die junge Initiative „Frankfurt Forward“ bringt Chefs von Konzernen und Start-ups zusammen. Es sind bereits eine Handvoll Projekte mit Ideen für neue Produkte und Dienste entstanden…
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RKW Magazin
– »Das Beste aus zwei Welten«
Das Projekt arrangiert den Austausch zwischen eta- blierten Frankfurter Industrieunternehmen und jungen Startups am Standort Frankfurt am Main mit der Zielsetzung, Wissen, Technologien und Erfahrungen aus beiden Welten neu zu kombinieren…
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Startup-Szene Frankfurt: »Zarte Pflänzchen in der Finanzmetropole«
Frankfurt Forward heißt diese Initiative am Frankfurter Innovationszentrum für Biotechnologie, die ausgewählte Startups und etablierte Industriekonzerne aus der Region Rhein-Main zusammenbringt und vom Frankfurter Stadtrat Markus Frank unterstützt wird…
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